Monday, March 31, 2014

All done!

Thank you everyone for reserving a slot for April! I know there was a very limited amount of slots, and I'm really looking forward to giving an opportunity to more people next month. ^o^

I updated the left column, if you did not send me an email yet and that your name appear over there, feel free to do so.

Also I still have 4 slots left for mod, so if you're interested in just a mod without a faceup, you can contact me at

Thanks again!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 April Slots Open!

So like I mentioned previously, I only have 5 slots for April, since I'm not done with my March commissions yet, and don't want to be overwhelmed later on.

The first 5 answering to this post will have their slot secured.I also have 5 mod slots, so if you want a mod without faceup, go ahead. :)
Reply to this post as follow:

- Your username
- Faceup or Mod (or both)
- How many heads (no limit)
- Sculpt/s

If you appear as one of the first 5 in the comment section, please send me an email to

If you did not make it, there is always next month! Depending on how smoothly it goes in April, I might be able to open the slots a bit early/towards the end of the month.

Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upcoming April Slots

Hello everyone,

The next opening will be on this Sunday, March the 30th at 4PM central time.
You can check for Central time over here.

Since I'm not entirely done with the faceups this month, I will only be opening 5 faceup slots.
I will also be opening 5 mod slots.

I feel like because I'm offering only a few slots this month, the usual email method might not work and might get overcrowded. Also since I hate saying no, and if say I receive 10+ emails at 4 on the dot, that's gonna be really hard for me, and I feel like it's gonna be unfair to tell no to some people. ;n;

So we are gonna do things a little differently this month.
I will make a post on Sunday the 30th at 4PM. You will get to comment/reply on this post with the following information:

- Your username
- Faceup or Mod (or both)
- How many heads (no limit)
- Sculpt/s

The first 5 posts/replies get a slot.
Remember you have to be logged in in order to post on blogger. I would suggest you test beforehand to make sure you get the hang of it. There are several options on how you can post, so feel free to test them all/find out which one is the easiest for you.
Feel free to test and reply/comment this post, just so you get some kind of a training lol, I don't mind at all. ^o^ 
I will then update the slots on Sunday evening, in the left column of my website.
If you made it, please send me an email at so we can proceed with the formalities. :)

I hope it's not too confusing, and I thank you very much in advance!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Sunday, February 23, 2014

March Slots

Thank you for the heart warming e-mails!

I've updated the left column, and all of you made it, I even have 1 slot left for the faceups, and 6 slots for mods! I'm sure someone will grab them soon enough. 

I'm going to go through the emails, if you want to start filling up your commission forms, and brainstorming what you envision for your girls, go ahead!

Thank you once again, and have a nice evening. ^o^

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Upcoming March Slots

The next opening will be on this Sunday, February the 23rd at 4PM central time. If you're not familiar with central time, you can check it here.
I will be opening 10 faceup slots only, since the weather is still unstable, and I don't want to run into delays like I did in the past. I will also be opening 10 mod slots.

To get on the list, simply send an email to starting at 4PM on the 23rd. Please be fair, and don't try to send it 5 minutes early lol.
You must include in the email:
- Your username
- Faceup or Mod (or both)
- How many heads (no limit)
- Sculpt/s

I will then go through my emails, and update the slots on the left column of my website. Depending on how many emails I receive, I might be able to answer you individually even if you did not make it to the list. If I receive too many emails, I might not be able to do that, so check the left column to see if your username appears there.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to working with you!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Price Update


To reflect my current skills, and compensate for the time and details I put in each faceup, my prices have been updated accordingly.


. SD and bigger sizes: $95 (Anything bigger than MSD size)
. MSD: $90 (MNF/Unoa size head)
. YOSD/LTF: $85
. Pukifee/Lati Yellow and smaller: $80

. Eyelash Application: $4; $8 for double layer (Free if you provide your own.)
. Faceup Removal Cleanup: $10


. Eye Opening on Dreaming sculpts:  $25 (meaning that I don't have to dig the eye wells.)
. Eye Opening on full closed eyes:   $45 (includes digging the eye wells, sanding, and making sure the eyes sit properly in their sockets.)


. Manicure all sizes (Nails only):  $10
. Manicure + hands blushing YOSD and MSD:  $20
. Manicure + hands blushing SD:  $30

Paypal Fees must be added to the total. (2.9% within US, 3.9% International)

Note: I do not do faceup on recast dolls. 

All prices are in USD.

These new prices take effect as of right now, and will be applied for the upcoming March slots.
I thank you very much for your support, and for liking my work!

I will post the opening date for the March slots in the next few days. ^o^

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Update

First of all I would like to apologize for the huge delay I've been having this winter. I've never seen that rough of a winter in Texas before, we usually get like 1 month max below 60's. ^^'

This is mostly why I've been having such a hard time seeing the end of the tunnel.

I've also been switching to the brush, for a more clean and professional result. There was a learning curve, and I got stuck practicing, and restarting some faceups several times until I get it right.
Working with the brush takes also longer than what it used to, so all of this played a role in my commission delays.

Now I'm used to the brush, and I feel like I managed to keep my style while getting a neater finish, so pretty much what I wanted!
Of course, I always strive to improve even more, and for my style to evolve. ^o^

I only have a few heads left to finish before I can start thinking about opening the March slots!
We should have good weather starting from Thursday for at least a week, so I should have everything completed by the end of next week if everything goes as planned. /crosses fingers

I shall have an update on my opening date for next slots next week, so keep an eye out. I will also be posting the date ahead of time on my Flickr, and even tweet about it so that you don't miss out.

Also, thank you for all of the emails and messages I received complimenting me about my work, this is really encouraging to know that some many people like what I do!