How long will it take?

It all depends on how many people are before you, it's on a first comes first serves basis, so the earliest your head arrives, the fastest it will be taken care of.

Generally it takes up to 3-6 weeks for a faceup.
4-8 weeks for eye opening mod + faceup.

What to include in the package?

Your parcel of course, either face plate only, or full head.

If you e-mailed me your commission form, please join at least your username inside of the box.

I also recommend you join a face mask for protecting the faceup.
You can also provide your own eyelashes, and join eyes, wigs etc, if you would like me to take pictures with these on.
Otherwise I will take the pictures with some of my personal wigs and eyes.

What if I don't like the result? 

I will always try my best at matching your expectations, however it can happen that my interpretation or rendition of the faceup might be different than what you had in mind.

This is why I'm asking for you to give me as much details as possible on what you would like, and this is also why I want you to make sure that you like my style before commissioning me.
Be aware that the Faceups are time consuming, and they also cost on MSC. I cannot wipe everything off and start over a dozen times. If I restart on your faceup it means that I'm not doing the head next in line.

I can make minor changes without any cost if it includes adding on more blush, more eyeshadow, darker bottom lashes etc. However, if you would like me to start over, I will have to charge an additional £40.

If you still do not like the result after the second time, I will wipe everything off, you will pay for the shipping costs, and I'll ship the clean head back to you.

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