July Slots

Sunday, July 01, 2012


Opening 10 slots for July. <3
You can contact me in many places, email to eludys.workshop@gmail.com., or contact me on DoA, DA, or Flickr (username Eludys for all 3).

I had many commissions this month which makes me really happy. <3 I got the chance to see so many new sculpts, I even fell in love with some of them. Dndoll heart bubble is one of them, so I ordered one for myself. XD This week I fell in love with Volks Rinon, so she will definitely go on my birthday wishlist lol.

I did receive an email from Noppin on Thursday about my Unoa being shipped. XD Will probably get her Monday or Tuesday, can't wait!

Anyway enough with my babbling, and thank you for the support as always. ♥

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  1. I'm sorry I do not know the word

  2. However, it can read

    1. I sent you a note on deviantart. Can you respond to it if you would like to commission me? This is going to be easier to talk from there. :)


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