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Thursday, September 19, 2013


I updated the October Slots on the left column, and I am already full for October.
I will be opening the November slots at the end of the month. September 30th/October 1st.

I'm really hoping the weather is going to improve, but I guess going towards the winter I won't be able to take on as many heads as I would like lol. Good thing it's like always Summer in Texas. XD

Notice for tan heads: Commissions with tan heads may be a little delayed, as I'm waiting for the perfect humidity level to spray them. If the humidity is too high, I may work on another head in the meantime, and work on the tan head sporadically whenever the conditions are perfect. I just don't want to cloud the heads that's all. <3

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  1. No problem. ^^ I actually need to send you a PM about some stuff. I'll be sending you a tan head and I don't mind any extra waiting. :3

    1. Alright, well I'm opening the slots next Monday/Tuesday, so feel free to send me a PM on DoA, or email me at to reserve a spot then.


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