5 April Slots Open!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

So like I mentioned previously, I only have 5 slots for April, since I'm not done with my March commissions yet, and don't want to be overwhelmed later on.

The first 5 answering to this post will have their slot secured.I also have 5 mod slots, so if you want a mod without faceup, go ahead. :)
Reply to this post as follow:

- Your username
- Faceup or Mod (or both)
- How many heads (no limit)
- Sculpt/s

If you appear as one of the first 5 in the comment section, please send me an email to eludys.workshop@gmail.com.

If you did not make it, there is always next month! Depending on how smoothly it goes in April, I might be able to open the slots a bit early/towards the end of the month.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. - Your username : chyna
    - Faceup or Mod (or both) : faceup
    - How many heads (no limit) : one
    - Sculpt/s : minifee tan celine

  2. DireWood
    Faceup and Mod
    1 Head
    Minifee Celine SP

  3. - Flickr Username: sweetfeet2
    - Faceup: (2)
    - How many heads: (2 YOSD)
    - Sculpts: Soom 2.6 Imda Gian and Soom 2.6 Imda Modigli

  4. Username: PattiCarlson112
    Heads: 2
    Sculpts - Sunlight F22 and Everpurple Iris

  5. User Name Jane Ackerman

    Face Ups


    MSD Cristy Stone Samantha

    SD Volks Sho

  6. FLickr Username - PinkMaltese22
    Face up (1)
    How many heads - (2)
    Sculpts - Fairyland Minifee Mirwen (TS)

  7. Smittynm
    2 Heads
    FL LittleFee Juri girl &
    yosd girl DIM Aria

  8. Posted on the other page where all the comments were first; then this page

  9. Crud, I was commenting in the wrong spot..I guess I'll be trying next month. Thx


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