March Slots

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thank you everyone!

I updated the left column, please send me an email at for faceup commission details.

I can fit in one more slot if anyone needs. :)

Working forward to working with you, and see you next month for another opening. <3

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  1. Hi hi sweetie ^^ !!

    Mmm mm do you know if you are going to offer more slots soon ^^ ? .. last time I couldn't take one of your slots because you couldn't take tan skin by then .. and I my elf celine tan needs you :3 .

    1. Hi hi<3
      I'll be opening some slots in a little more than a month. Towards the end of May :3

  2. yay !! great !! I will do my best to get one slot :3 !!

    Thank you soo much for letting me know it !!


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