December Slots are full!! Tyy everyone ♥♥♥

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Edit: FULL TY!! <3
10 slots are available for December!

You can send me an email at, or DM me on Instagram or DoA.

You are allowed to send me several heads at once, all you need is one slot! :)

Please attach the following information with your email/pm:
- Your username
- Faceup or Mod (or both)
- How many heads (no limit)
- Sculpt/s
- Country

I will be updating the slots on the right column as they fill up.

I would like to be entirely done with the December commissions by December 20th, to be free for Christmas and New Year holidays.
I will then probably open the January commissions after Christmas around the 26-27th of December.

I can't wait to bring all of your dollies to life ♥


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