May Commissions Status and June Price Increase

Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm still alive! You would think I would be dead by now buried under so many heads lol, but no I'm all good and enjoying my faceup time. XD

So regarding my May commissions, plenty of you already reserved a spot, and it's getting filled up pretty quickly.
I may be able to fit one or two more for May, but that's about it I'm afraid.

I'm going to have a price increase starting from June. So the few slots left for May are going to be the last ones with the current price.

The prices are going to increase as follow.

YOSD size and smaller: $45 (same as my current price)
MSD size: $55
SD13 size and above: $65

The eye mods remain the same price, as well as faceup removal, eyelashes, and resin matching.

Once the May slots are filled up, you may reserve a slot for June.

 Thank you very much for your support and for liking my work, this really fills me with joy whenever I get a compliment on a faceup I did. ♥

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