June updates

Saturday, June 01, 2013


I'm not opening any slot this month because the reservation list was already full lol.
So if you want a slot, you have to reserve for July! ^^

I'm running a bit late on my May commissions though. x-x But I'm confident that I'm gonna be done soon. <3

Lately I've been practicing the brush, and I'm starting to really get the hang of it. I really want to achieve the same looking result as my current style, but with a more clean and professional finish.
That's about always striving to improve anyway, isn't it? ^o^
So when I feel confident enough, I'm gonna start introducing it as an option in my commission forms. I'm looking forward to it!

My LTF Chloe that I recently sold in a record amount of time, actually had brushed eyelashes. XD

Otherwise, do you want some dolly updates?

Well I have this story about this one head, I'm just not too sure about what you're gonna think of me lol.
So a little while ago I did this faceup on this one head... and I fell in love with it.
I know that's kinda narcissistic to fall in love with your own faceups? lol ;n; Anyway, I couldn't stop looking at her, and I told my husband and he convinced me to just contact the owner and let them know that if they ever decide to sell her, that I would love to be the first on the list. So I did that, and at first the owner was not interested in selling her just yet. But then a week ago, she contacted me back and said ok! So I bought the head, and she arrived today, and now I need to save up to buy her a body lol. ^^'
Happy day?

So yeah here is April. <3
Sorry for the crappy pic, I was in the middle of my commissions when she arrived this afternoon, so didn't really have time to take a better one. XD

Her name is April because she actually looks like a friend of mine who's name is April. Except that the real life April doesn't have elf ears LOL. XD

Other dolly update, I got myself a Lieselotte! She's so gorgeous. *o*
I was scared of the white skin, because I really don't like white skin dolls, but well Lieselotte doesn't have a NS counterpart, so not much luck there.
So I went for it anyway, with the help of my husband's loan, that I now need to payback by selling some of my girls and working hard on faceups. ;n;

Another quick pic, sorry... ;n;

She actually came with the dress and the little bunny scarf, these were so extra gifts! So lovely. <3

She still has her default faceup, and I'm actually quite enjoying it. I think she's gonna keep it for a while, because I wouldn't know if I want her to have one of mine, or if I prefer sending her over to some pro. XD
All of the pros that I like are full, so I guess that wouldn't work, and if I was the one doing it, well I'm full as well haha.
Plus I have like 5 headless girls of mine waiting in line so yeah...
Like how long has my Rheia been waiting for her faceup? LOL... seriously
But then I watch the commission heads piling up, and I feel bad for the clients eagerly waiting for their doll to come back, so I end up never taking care of my own. ^^'
Anyway enough of my problems!

Other dolly update, I received my Celine, and I don't know what to think. Well I mean first of all she's blank, so that's another head to add to my blank collection lol.
But that's not what I mean. I just don't know if it's the fact that she's blank for now or what, but I'm not really liking her for now. Let's hope everything is going to be fixed up with a faceup though.
In the meantime I gave her body to Leila, so that she's not a floating head for now. The other two bodies are hoarded by the Chloe twins. ^^

Quick pic of blank Celine~

Anyway, I have more stuff to talk about but I'm gonna keep some for another day because I'm too tired to think right now. XD

Hope you enjoyed my update stuff!

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