November/December Update

Monday, October 28, 2013

Alright, I thought I would post an update especially regarding the December slots.
There will not be any December slots unfortunately since I'm so much behind with the workload.

If you were listed for October, and I did not receive your head(s) just yet, you've been moved to the November list.
I will take care of everyone in order of arrival.

The tan heads are taken care of whenever the humidity is under 40%. Which means, whenever the weather is favorable, they are first in line, since I don't have this kind of low humidity everyday. The tan skin tends to cloud much more than regular skin, this is why it requires super low humidity, and I don't want to risk it and restart from scratch a hundred times lol.

I just don't want anyone to be upset if say I finish a tan head first that was lower on the list, instead of a NS head that was first in line. I don't want to hurt anyone feelings, I'm just trying to make the best out of the weather given to me lol. ^^'

Keep in mind that I'm trying my best to cut down on the delays, but with an autumnal weather, and the fact that the sun is setting earlier than before, I can only do so much.
I used to worry a lot, and work on weekends or at any given opportunity, but I cannot put myself under so much stress all the time. I do feel bad for holding the heads for so long, but then again there isn't much more I can do.

I shall re-open my slots for January if  I catch up with all of the work by then.
Thank you very much for your patience! ♥

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  1. <3 Don't worry love! I'm sure everyone understands. :3 xD Though, I'm one of those persons that sent you two tan heads. I know I'm willing to wait however long it takes. :) You don't stress out too much. I can understand weather...I can't spray anything if it's below 50 and things are starting to get close to that.

  2. I'm sure everyone does understand you are only human. Nobody would benefit from you working yourself into a burn out or loose the passion for the work you do. I am not lucky enough to be one to be waiting. Im just hoping I can catch an empty slot for customizing when it does come up. Happy Holidays. Relax & Chocolate!

  3. - Flickr Username: sweetfeet2
    - Faceup: (2)
    - How many heads: (2 YOSD)
    - Sculpts: Soom 2.6 Imda Gian and Soom 2.6 Imda Modigli


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