February Update

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First of all I would like to apologize for the huge delay I've been having this winter. I've never seen that rough of a winter in Texas before, we usually get like 1 month max below 60's. ^^'

This is mostly why I've been having such a hard time seeing the end of the tunnel.

I've also been switching to the brush, for a more clean and professional result. There was a learning curve, and I got stuck practicing, and restarting some faceups several times until I get it right.
Working with the brush takes also longer than what it used to, so all of this played a role in my commission delays.

Now I'm used to the brush, and I feel like I managed to keep my style while getting a neater finish, so pretty much what I wanted!
Of course, I always strive to improve even more, and for my style to evolve. ^o^

I only have a few heads left to finish before I can start thinking about opening the March slots!
We should have good weather starting from Thursday for at least a week, so I should have everything completed by the end of next week if everything goes as planned. /crosses fingers

I shall have an update on my opening date for next slots next week, so keep an eye out. I will also be posting the date ahead of time on my Flickr, and even tweet about it so that you don't miss out.

Also, thank you for all of the emails and messages I received complimenting me about my work, this is really encouraging to know that some many people like what I do!

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  1. god I hope I get a slot I hope I get a slot! I have a couple heads that NEED you! we have had a heck of a winter up north, too. we are supposed to get slammed tonight into tomorrow - 12 plus inches possible. ack! and that is on top of the 9 inches we got last week that is still sitting around because it's been so cold. Holy smokes!!

    1. You should be able to get one, I don't think so many people are going to try, but then again I could be wrong lol. I wasn't closed for so long ever, so I know a few people have been waiting for me to re-open.
      Oh wow that's a lot of snow, good luck with that!


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