Price Update

Saturday, February 15, 2014


To reflect my current skills, and compensate for the time and details I put in each faceup, my prices have been updated accordingly.


. SD and bigger sizes: $95 (Anything bigger than MSD size)
. MSD: $90 (MNF/Unoa size head)
. YOSD/LTF: $85
. Pukifee/Lati Yellow and smaller: $80

. Eyelash Application: $4; $8 for double layer (Free if you provide your own.)
. Faceup Removal Cleanup: $10


. Eye Opening on Dreaming sculpts:  $25 (meaning that I don't have to dig the eye wells.)
. Eye Opening on full closed eyes:   $45 (includes digging the eye wells, sanding, and making sure the eyes sit properly in their sockets.)


. Manicure all sizes (Nails only):  $10
. Manicure + hands blushing YOSD and MSD:  $20
. Manicure + hands blushing SD:  $30

Paypal Fees must be added to the total. (2.9% within US, 3.9% International)

Note: I do not do faceup on recast dolls. 

All prices are in USD.

These new prices take effect as of right now, and will be applied for the upcoming March slots.
I thank you very much for your support, and for liking my work!

I will post the opening date for the March slots in the next few days. ^o^

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